ILEA Gaborone Hosts Secondary School Students

October 12 2018 09:00
ILEA Gaborone

On October 12, ILEA Gaborone hosted a special panel for secondary students during the Women in Law Enforcement Leadership Training Program (WLELT). The secondary students joined the WLELT participants for a panel discussion on emotional intelligence and were given the opportunity to ask questions. The participants asked many thoughtful questions, including what motivated the panelists to pursue a law enforcement career and, including the panelists motivations for pursuing a law enforcement career, and what hurdles the panel members face as women in their organizations. The panel was moderated by ILEA Deputy Director Ken Fisk and included Charge d’Affaires, Kali Jones, U.S. Embassy Consular Officer Carina Canaan, Peace Corps Country Director E.B O’Malley, and a Boatswana official from the Directorate of Corruption and Economic Crime, Mophuthuludi Molatudi. The panel was part of a continued effort by the ILEA to engage with the local community and encourage female participation in law enforcement.

A secondary student asks a question at ILEA Gaborone’s Panel on Emotional Intelligence