Alumni Success Stories

It is important to gather data in the form of operational and prosecutorial successes that are attributed to ILEA programming. This information serves as an important diagnostic tool to continuously evaluate ILEA Training and demonstrate return on investment (ROI) by the program.  Please provide the information requested in the questions below.


  1. Are you a Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice professional?
  1. Is this After Action Report providing information on a law enforcement action (arrest, interdiction) or information on the successful prosecution of a case? 
  1. Please provide background information concerning this event e.g. type of department/unit you are attached to, operational area/location, specialized mission area e.g. counter narcotics, trafficking in persons, anti-corruption, counter-terrorism, anti-poaching/wildlife trafficking etc. 
  1. Describe Law Enforcement action taken e.g. interruption of criminal activity, arrest, use of force, seizure, law enforcement information/intelligence gathered, follow-on investigations and/or controlled delivery/activity. 
  1. If a seizure was successfully executed, provide a description of contraband, assets or currency/monetary instruments recovered (include an estimate of value) 
  1. List the ILEA training program(s) that contributed to the effect or success of your LE action or mission execution in a meaningful way. 
  1. List the techniques, skillsets, tools, technology or strategies trained/learned through ILEA programming that were instrumental to mission success. 
  1. Share any lessons learned from your recent operational experience/success that may be useful or value- added as an addition to future ILEA programmatic delivery in this subject matter or mission area.  
  1. Share any ILEA training program objectives or information that you believe may be outdated or obsolete based on your recent experience. 
  1. Please add any other relevant information that does not appear in the responses above.


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